July 17, 2017

The Board Meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 18, has been cancelled. The next meeting will be News and Views on Thursday, August 1, 7 PM in the clubhouse.

Irrigation system update – The system has been injected a 3rd time with potassium permanganate to eliminate the Bryozoans. There is improvement, but it’s not clear, yet. Walt Winkler’s comment was that it took a while for the Bryozoans to become as bad as they were, and it takes time to clear them out. You may notice the sprinklers running, but until we announce the “all clear”, the sprinklers are being tested to see where things stand.

Honore Gate area – Demolition of the fountain area has taken place. Plans are in place for signage, lighting and landscaping. Unfortunately, the landscaping can’t happen until the irrigation system is back in operation.

As always, thanks so much for your patience and understanding!