Good afternoon homeowners,
I want to update you on the status of the irrigation system. Scientists at Bryo Technologies have just provided a comprehensive report on what needs to happen to clear our irrigation system of bryozoans.
The summary from their report: “Bryozoans currently growing in the irrigation system at Villa Rosa have become a seerious nuisance. Two species are involved, either of which could alone impede water flow through pipelines and sprinkler heads. Despite the complexity of two distinct species we recommend a simple treatment using a highly dilute solution of potassium permanganate. Should this be inadequate there are chemical additives that can be applied later. Two initial treatments should be sufficient to keep bryozoans under control this year.”
The Bryo Tech scientists have analyzed the water chemistry and construction maps of the irrigation system to determine correct dilution of the chemicals for the volume of water involved. They have provided a detailed procedure that Jim Price Irrigation will follow.
The Board has taken immediate action. We have authorized purchase of the injection pump required to inject the potassium permanganate into the irrigation system. The installation of the pump will require coordination between both Jim and Owens electric. Everyone involved will move forward as quickly as possible, but this isn’t going to be an immediate solve. We will do our best to keep you posted as these actions take place.
Remember that in the first email blast, Bryo Tech suggested that if you do an interent search, be sure that you search freshwater Bryozoans, as marine species don’t cause the same problems.
Many of you have asked about safety for pets. Dr. Timothy S. Wood, Senior Scientist at Bryo Technologies, comments below.

I understand the concern. There are too many dangerous toxins being spread carelessly around Florida.
However, permanganates are not a problem for pets. The highly diluted chemical really only affects things living in water. Even then, it is effective only after a continuous exposure of several hours. Pets, people, plants, and everything else outside the irrigation lines will be safe. This is one of the chemicals we have used for over a decade with 100% client satisfaction.