Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has ultimate financial responsibility for the Association as well as responsibility for the administration and affairs of the  community.  The Board of Directors also has the authority to adopt rules and  regulations for the community, initiate and enforce legal action on the behalf  of the community, and take any other actions necessary to ensure the vitality of  Villa Rosa.

The Board is currently comprised of five members.  If you have a question for  a Board member or issues within the community, that you feel requires attention, contact us individually or send us all an email – we are easy to reach and here for you at

2022 Board of Directors:

Ginny Winkler

Vice President

Al McNash

Melody Small

Carol Barbara



ACC Committee:  Susan Jackson (Chair), Janet Capen, Louise Schoyen

Clubhouse/Pool Committee: Lea Buschgans (Chair), Carol Barbara, Angela Carrubba, Joyce Dolan, Julie Noyes

Finance Committee: Tony Crisafio (Chair) Ginny Winkler, Joyce Dolan, Al McNash

Irrigation Committee:  Walt Winkler (Chair), Bill Beadle

Landscape (Garden) Committee: Marilyn Shelley (Chair), Carol Barbara, Janet Capen, Joyce Dolan

Long-Range Planning Committee: Bill Anderson (Chair), Mary Burst, Barbara Driscoll, Scott Levison

Social Committee: Joyce McNash and Barbara Cox (Co-Chairs), Bill Anderson, Judy Cantor, Maurice Feldman, Jo-Anne Feldman, Eric Hermanson, Sue Hirsch (Luncheons), Rita Naccarato

Technology/Communication:  Elaine Ames (Chair), Dan Noyes (Webmaster), Julie Noyes (Newsletter) Mary Ann Higgins (Emergency Coordinator), Louise Schoyen (Welcome)