Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has ultimate financial responsibility for the Association as well as responsibility for the administration and affairs of the  community.  The Board of Directors also has the authority to adopt rules and  regulations for the community, initiate and enforce legal action on the behalf  of the community, and take any other actions necessary to ensure the vitality of  Villa Rosa.

The Board is currently comprised of five members.  If you have a question for  a Board member or issues within the community, that you feel requires attention, contact us individually or send us all an email – we are easy to reach and here for you at

2024 Board of Directors:

Joyce McNash 
President (1/26)

Martin Donner
Vice President (1/25)

Al McNash & Ginny Winkler
Treasurer (1/26)

Joseph Kavanaugh  
Secretary (1/26)

Frank Bly  
Director (1/25)

Teri Moore
Director (1/26)

ACC Committee: Janet Capen (C), Al McNash, Senn Moses

Clubhouse/Pool Committee: Lea Buschgans (C), Carol Barbara, Kat Carniaux, Betsy Davidson, Eileen Evans, Joanne Haiby, Kathy Hedden, Julie Knievel, Julie Noyes, Karen White

Finance Committee: Al McNash (CC) Ginny Winkler (CC)

Irrigation Committee: Walt Winkler (C), Frank Bly, Bill Beadle

Lake/Fountain Committee: Joe Kavanaugh (C), Gary Evans, Cindy Gray, Ginny Winkler

Landscape (Garden) Committee: Marilynn Shelley (C), Janet Capen, Joyce Dolan, Joyce McNash, Teri Moore

Lawn Committee: Joe Kavanaugh(C), Carl Burst

Newsletter/Directory Committee: Julie Noyes(C), Elaine Ames, Sue Hirsch

Social Committee: Angela Carruba (CC), Sue Hirsch (CC, Luncheons), Janet Capen, John Capen, Jo-Anne Feldman, Maurice Feldman, Joyce McNash, Veronique Robidoux

Website Committee: Elaine Ames (CC), Dan Noyes (CC), Lea Buschgans (Residents Vendor List)

Welcome Committee: Louise Schoyen (C), Ginny Winkler

Committee Responsibilities:

Architectural Control Committee (ACC): Makes recommendations to the Board assuring that the residences and other buildings, structures, and improvements will be constructed in a manner to preserve a uniformly high standard of quality. This Committee is empowered to create, maintain, and preserve an attractive, unique and exclusive residential subdivision.

Clubhouse/Pool Committee: Makes recommendations to the Board regarding the selection of paint colors for common area structures, replacement of furniture in the clubhouse and pool area, interior décor of the clubhouse, and overall clubhouse use. Works as a liaison with pool company and makes recommendations to the Board regarding pool and spa issues.

Finance Committee: Makes recommendations to the Board regarding the Association’s short-term (operating account) and long-term (reserve account) finances. This Committee works to ensure that sufficient funds are in the Reserve Fund to cover future expenditures and recommends adjustments of future dues and special assessments.

Irrigation Committee: Makes recommendations to the Board regarding the operation and maintenance of the irrigation system.

Lake/Fountain Committee: Makes recommendations to the Board regarding the maintenance of the fountains, ponds and erosion around ponds.

Landscaping Committee: Makes recommendations to the Board regarding plantings in all common areas.

Lawn Committee: Works as a liaison with landscape company and makes recommendations to the Board regarding lawn issues.

Newsletter/Directory Committee: Obtain information from Board and committees, prepare newsletter, and distribute to residents. Update directory annually.

Social Committee: Plans community-wide social activities throughout the year.

Website Committee: Keeps Villa Rosa website updated with community information.

Welcome Committee: The Welcome Committee Representative (WCR) monitors new residents from AMI information and sets up an appointment with all new residents once they move in to welcome them to Villa Rosa and familiarize them with the community guidelines. The WCR provides a copy of the VR Community Guidelines, etc., and answers any questions they may have. The WCR reports on meeting newcomers at the next Board meeting and introduces them, if they attend.

Updated January 20, 2023